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Baring my writing journey for all to see... this ain't no masterclass.

I'm The Naked Writer (or just Jared).

I'm not a published author. I'm not on any bestseller lists. I haven't got anything on Kindle, or Kobo, or Apple Books. It's unlikely you will have ever heard of me. But, I wanna get there. I'm on my way... I think.

Naked because I'm laying it bare, opening up my process, with all the mess, the ups and downs. It's gonna be pretty raw because creating, in my experience, is never a tidy process. Writer because I'm on a journey to to becoming a full-time author, a life-long dream. Whether it's traditional or through self-publication, I guess we'll see where it goes. 

It could be a bumpy ride. Consider this the anti-masterclass, the journey of someone who hasn't made it yet. 


The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didn't. 

- Unknown

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