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Day 247 - 500 in 15

A new thing - live streaming my writing

So, I'm trying a new thing.

I've been a bit caught up in other things over the past few months. Travelling around the country with a family in tow, pandemic lockdowns, business startups, and unexpected pregnancies all have a way of pulling the brain out of a creative space.

So, I decided as a way to both do some shameless self-promotion and also get some writing done, I'd start doing Instagram Livestream writing sessions.

Apparently, building a "platform" as an author is a pretty big part of the self-publishing (and traditional publishing) process, hence the website and blog and YouTube channel and social media stuff.

BUT, for an introvert like me, it doesn't come that naturally. So, each time I think about putting my mug on camera I shy away from it. Today, however, I couldn't procrastinate any longer and I just did it. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done. PLUS, at the end of it I had nearly 500 words done, which was more than yesterday. Heck, it was more than last week!

So, I'm going to try make this a regular thing. If you're interested in joining me, feel free to jump on the MoJo Instagram page which is where I'll be streaming. Sessions will be about 20-30mins total, but the writing time will only be 15 minutes with the goal of hitting 500 words.

I'd love to see you there.

Today's writing session

In today's session, I'm working on the chapter where Bastion is in the Solarii library to research information about the witch in the hopes that he and his friends will be able to find a way to stop her from 1) killing children (always important), and 2) tearing a hole in the fabric of the world and letting the big bad darkness in.

It's feeling like a bit of a blah scene to me, I think because I haven't really figured out the "world" of the library and Solarii culture very well. But that's because I want to just get on and write the thing instead of spending forever world-building.

Anyway, as you'll see from the video, Bastion comes across a bit of a bullying session in progress and decides to get himself involved.


PS - You can also now find my various interweb personas here.

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