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PLOTTING - here's a free download.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Okay, while we wait for She Who Shall Not Be Named to throw together an edit of our rather raw first video diary entry, I'm throwing this up as a placeholder for the phase of novel writing that we will soon be moving into: PLOTTING!

I was never really a plotter. I prefered the creative mystery and freedom of not knowing where I was going, a pantser if you will. Problem was, my story would often lose steam. I often wasn't quite sure how to take things to a conclusion. I realised I needed to sit down and actually get some clarity around what the heck I was writing! BUT, I struggled. I dunno. The whole process of plotting things out (whiteboards, cue cards, aeon timeline) just seemed to hit a wall in my brain.

So, I came up with something that felt fun, a process that I enjoyed and that wouldn't take days and days of agonising over perfect arcs and character tensions and value shifts, etc., etc (not that those are bad, I love them, but more when I'm looking back over work already written).

How to plot a novel
Download PDF • 29.16MB

You may find it useful. All up it should take six days and help you come up with a complete plot. Not a perfect plot, but at least something with a start and a finish to help those of us who are pantsers (and anyone else) not get lost in our own creative brilliance.

In a few short days you may actually see me working through this process on here in video form.

Let me know what you think. But remember... this ain't no masterclass!


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