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Day 1 - Welcome to my journey

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This is it. The beginning of a journey. I have to say, I'm not really used to this whole "put myself out on the interwebs for everyone to see" thing. But, we thought it might be a really good thing to do. So, here we are and some explanations are probably in order.

What is this, and why are you naked!?

This is a page where I'm going to document (with the help of my lovely wife, 'She Who Shall Not Be Named') my novel writing journey, from idea to publication (self-published or traditional). I'm going to be laying it all bare (hence the 'nakedness' - so, don't worry, I'm not gonna put you through that unique horror). You'll see me talking about my journey, from coming up with the concepts and plot to the actual writing. You'll see my ups and downs, my moments of inspiration to my moments of low motivation. I'll be putting up my drafts and notes in all their hideous glory. And, you will all have opportunity to contribute to the journey also.

Why are you doing this?

Good question. Really good question.

One, I think it will help motivate me to take something through to completion. I'm a terrible procrastinator and I'm also terrible at consistency. I'm a great starter but a terrible finisher. Maybe, just maybe, putting this all out into the world will push me forward further than ever before.

Two, I think it is great to share the struggle. So often we can follow others who have 'made it', and those are awesome. There is so much to learn from those who have reached the heights. But, what about the rest of us? What about those who are struggling who have not enjoyed the sweet intoxication of success, and bestseller lists, and the adulation of adoring fans? I think there is some benefit in sharing the difficulties of the journey from the perspective of someone who has not 'made it', before success arrives. A fellow traveller, that will hopefully help other travellers keep going. It's a place to find 'joy in the journey' so to speak.

Three, in the spirit of baring it all, I have a product to sell. I've created a tool called The Writer's MoJo that I'm hoping MILLIONS of you will love and buy! I created it to help people like myself who may know about the techniques of writing, but still struggle to get our dreams out of our heads and onto the page. The procrastinators, the scared, the shy, the unmotivated. The Writer's MoJo is for us! So, go register your interest and in a jiffy you'll soon have your very own MoJo to document your struggles and inspirations!

And, four, I just love to talk about writing stuff, and stories, and motivation, etc. Hopefully you do to.

So, that's it really. Watch this space for more exciting things to come. Things could get interesting. But be warned... this ain't no masterclass.


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